Deep into your stashes....

I'm not sure if this is appropriate, but I'm gonna ask anyhow...
I almost never keep my projects for myself, but I really want this scarf for me. All three colors have been discontinued, I've been able to locate 2 of them, but I can find "Noro Silk Garden #86"... Does anyone have one sitting around? Pleez? I'm more than happy to pay top $$$ for it.... I'll be your best friend....
Thanks guys!


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Have you tried searching on Ravelry? Perhaps you'll find someone with it willing to sell or trade.

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I'll check our LYS - they're having a sale of older/discontinued yarn, and perhaps they have some. I'll let you know if I can find any.


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Don't forget eBay! I found a package of 10 skeins of a discontinued Noro colorway. It's been a year or so, so I don't remember the vendor, but I do recall the the yarn was not advertised on his site - I discovered that he had a lot of Noro on his site so I asked about this dye lot and he had it! I'll also ask our LYS.


Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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I sent you a pm regarding some on Ravelry. Let me know.



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Let me look - I may have it if you haven't already found it. And...I need a best friend - I've never had one.



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Found It! Thanks to CRMartin- found someone on Ravelry selling it. I never thought I'd get this excited over, um. yarn?
Thanks to all for your input!

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Finding the right colorway can be hard, but also consider being adventurous with some other Noro colorways. I've made this scarf several times and its PHENOMENAL even with other colors than the recommended ones.

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hey, nice pic. is that a brioche stitch? that's a very clean selvege (sp?) stitch. kudos to you.