The Jenny Chant Appeal Needs you!!

Cancer is a terrible disease
Cancer affects so many people, because I have been affected by this terrible disease. I decided to not only speak about my terrible ordeal but also to do something to help...

I decided to knit the worlds longest PINK scarf!
I am not skilled and I don't have a cure but I can knit and that is why I have decided to attempt to knit the worlds longest PINK scarf.

Did you know it would take me 259 years if I was to try and break the record on my own. That is why I need you.

What will we do with the scarves...
After the record has been broken, the scarves will be auctioned off to raise funds, the remaining scarves will be either used as scarves or sewn together to make blankets, to warm and comfort those who need them most.

I would really like to get as many men involved with this appeal as last year over 381 men were diagnosed with breast cancer it is increasing at an alarming rate and I would like to help with this appeal to support both men and women.

Please help. I have attached the basic pattern it is just garter stitch, there is an advanced pattern if you like... on the website.

Love Jenny