Washington D.C.

Hey Guys. This is way off knitting topic, but need some help here. Don and I and a couple of coworkers are going to be in D.C. from the 19th to the 26th and would like to go out...none of us are big party animals but do enjoy going out and having fun once in awhile.

So...we would like to know if any of you can give us some pointers. We had been thinking of Freddie's Beach bar for something, then somewhere else another night. We are at a conference at the Grand Hyatt and need somewhere that is 1. either not too far away or easily gotten to by the Metro and 2. wherever we go, it needs to be accessible for a wheelchair (my boss is in one) So...any thoughts?

Also, I want to take Don out to a nice restaurant, perhaps in DuPont Cir. that we can be comfortable in to celebrate our anniversary which was in June, but we were both working and unable to get away anywhere. Any input from anyone would be appreciated! Also, if any of you are from the area and would like to hang out one of the nights that we are there...we will buy ya a couple drinks!