Does any know the ending width for a shawl please?


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what shawl banjo

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It's really just a matter of preference. Some patterns have a "finished size." I've seen many in the 80-inch width with 40-some inches in "height." But I've also seen them quite a bit smaller.

I'm sure MMario can give you a better answer....

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it is just a matter of taste....knit it till its as large as you want it!

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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Think less, enjoy it more.

It depends on the style.

But in my opinion....your basic rectangular or basic triangle shawl.....the ends to be wrapped around the body are the length of the recipients arms held out to the side...measured fingertip to fingertip.

That is just what I follow. It is not a rule that if you do not follow, you will have some of your stash taken away.

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I agree. It's nice to see you posting again, been wondering where you were.



Shucks Randy...thanks. Been working outside (til it got too hot!), quitting smoking, quitting my diet coke with aspartame addiction, oh joy! One would think I would have been knitting up a storm but I just started getting back to it.

For all that quitting you deserve something nice from your LYS!

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Good for you! I quit smoking last August and gained a ton of weight. Now I need to work on that.



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The rule of thumb - (size that most people find "most usable" is the wingspan - which is usually equal to the height. I usually try for wingspan plus 6 inches, which allows a little leeway if the person is more "buxum" - which many of my relatives are.

Rectangular stoles can be longer - sometimes much longer - almost twice wingspan is still useable depending on how they drape them.

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