Back Panel Deco... do or don't?

This is something I've pondered for a while and it has come up again in my current project... Should the decoration on the front panel (like cabling, argyle design, etc.) also be put on the back panel? I usually leave my back panels totally plain... but I keep wanting to reconsider. Thought I would throw that out there and see what you guys some of you decorate the back as well?


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One sweater I have that is a favourite with me and admired by others is totally plain except for a huge complicated panel of cables running up the back.

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I think that it depends on the sweater. Several that I like are done front and back. Some argyles that I have seen are just front panel...and I think that sometimes looks great. SO...Not much help other than to say use your judgement and it will probably turn out great.

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This is a matter of economics, I think. Commercial garments usually only have patterning on the front, since it's a matter of cost. They make it as inexpensively as possible and patterning on the back as well takes more resources. Often the sleeves are plain too.

If you are doing it yourself, then it's your choice. I feel sort of cheated if the back is plain. But I recognize that doing patterning on the back would also mean more work, especially with argyle.

There is also the consideration of wear. Some patterns, such as bobbles or cables perhaps, may be uncomfortable on the back. Some don't wear well... there would be more rubbing when sitting agaist chairs and such, and surface textures may suffer by being rubbed all the time. Most people will say that you only need to look good from the front... what they see when you leave really doesn't matter! Well, in some situations...

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well the sweater in question just has a very simple embellishment... I think I will try putting it on both sides and see what I think... but I guess I also tend to go with the theory ..."what they see when you leave really doesn't matter!"

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