It's finally done!

Some time ago, I posted about a skein of yarn that I had spun out of some Punta roving (from South America). I started knitting this shawl in the middle of June, and finally completed it in early July. It went rather fast... despite all the hassles I've had recently.

I had searched a long time for a rectangular stole with the idea of putting some beads on the ends. And I ended up with a traingular shawl without beads -- I have no idea how this happened!!

I don't have room to block anything at home; I can't even find the carpet right now. I took it to the office, which has more space, but the carpeting is too shallow for any pins. I then saw the dividers between cubicles, and pinned it up on that. It was surprisingly easy, and worked so very well. I did it after work, and it was dry by morning. I tried to get in early before anyone would see it, but a couple of people saw it. That is okay too.

It measures about 80 inches from tip to tip, and about 34 to the bottom tip. I stretched the dickens out of it since I felt it was going to be rather small. I was pleased with how much I was able to stretch it. As I pulled in one direction, pns would pop out from the other side and go flying across the room! Rather fun.

It weighs 115 gm. This is being donated to an auction in August. I'll try to get some pics with someone wearing it.


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Awesome! Beautiful work.
And what a great idea for blocking. I usually use poster board but found out what happens when it gets damp, it warps. Rats.


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Amazing work! So beautiful!

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Beautiful shawl. And well done. What pattern is it?

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Beautiful shawl. What pattern is it?

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Tallguy, I really admire your work. The shawl is beautiful.

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what a beautiful shawl

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Beautiful Shawl, I love your idea for blocking.



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So much fun to get them stretched out in their glory, isn't it? Nice design; relatively simple but with enough to keep it interesting visually.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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What a beautiful shawl! Great work! Funny how ideas about what to knit seems to change without our being aware of it. I've been thinking about a triangular shawl with beads on two sides, but it never seems to happen. I've even bought the beads!

Wow is that ever gorgeous! Beautiful, beautiful job.