hard at work

So I took a hiatus from everything...family, friends, video games, knitting...would've taken a hiatus from work, but that's what was funding my hiatus, soooooooooo....

In any case, I'm not going to bore you with the specifics, but suffice it to say I have not had a fortunate couple of months. I only recently began to feel emotionally/psychologically prepared to emerge from my hermit status. During my semi-seclusion, I did no feel compelled to even LOOK at yarn or needles, let alone use them. So when I finally picked them up, I went fucking crazy. In just a couple of weeks (give or take), I've managed to knit a koala AND a flamingo. I'm proud of them, and I told the patterns to go F themselves with their rigid instruction for color and material usage. Van (the koala) does NOT have mohair anywhere on him and was knit with a delightful blend of alpaca and wool. Flip (the flamingo) doesn't have pink legs (ugh) or black legs. Instead, I used a double-strand (one black, one pink) on the legs and it looks PERFECT. Plus, I added a nice, silly tongue sticking out of his bill. He's sassy like that.

I'm working on a pair of geckos at this point. One orangey one and another brown and speckled one to represent my partner and I. He's a Ginger (as they say), and I'm a brunette, so you can guess which is representative of each of us.

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I love your animals. Where did you get the pattern ? Very nice work and love the colors and yarn used.

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They are all Fiber Trends patterns. They have some really great felted animal patterns. After the geckos, I'm planning on doing an Alpaca with alpaca yarn. LOL http://www.fibertrends.com/viewer/V7_toys.html

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Those are adorable! Hope you're feeling better and welcome back.



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I told the patterns to go F themselves with their rigid instruction for color and material usage.

Getting beyond the "I must do exactly as the pattern dictates" stage is a major leap. Congratulations!

Flip and Van look like great additions to your personal kjntted zoo. Can't wait to see the geckos.

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Good to see you back!!


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I SO know what you're talking about.

Work has pretty much kept me out of everything lately, 'cept for knitting. I don't have the resolve to *not* look at or think of, etc. etc. etc.

I love your work, though; they're so adore-able!


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I think the koala in the tree is my favorite, but they are all great.
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