Checking In, Saying Hello

Hey everyone!

I was promoted again at work and have a gazillion things going on all at once.

Normally, I'm online all day long at work and so, when I get home, I plop down and turn on PBS and knit away like there was no tomorrow.

I get on Ravelry every once in a while, but, even while logged in, I still don't get to say much that often.

So, in the next few days, I'm going to be posting a few pictures here of some of the things that I've completed recently -- got them on Ravelry already, and my pictures are all up on flickr as well...just want to be able to forward the links or post the pictures right up.

There really IS a bit of life left in me after all.



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Congrads on the promotion... and very glad to hear you are still getting to knit!

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Congrats on the promotion

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Congratulations on the promotion and for keeping that knitting spark alive!