Rosa's Market Bag

Made for my friend Rosa who works at my LYS, The Purl District. She loves pink and chose the color and Corntastic yarn (yes, 100% made from corn.) The pattern calls for hemp yarn and the Corntastic

isn’t nearly as strong. Our friend, Jane, is going to line the bag now that I am done. Rosa wanted it lined in pink but we talked her into a mango color and it will really set off the lace.

The pattern is from Bag Style by Pam Allen and Ann Budd. At first I was working on the body with #13 Addi Turbos but the lace was hard to move it from the cable to the needle so I broke down and went out and bought STRAIGHT needles - a first for me (other than a few things on dpns.) All the other needles were Addis, this is a slippery yarn and the Addis were a little slick for it. Bamboo probably would have been a better choice but I love my Addis.


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Looks great, colorful and useful and the mango will really set it off. Appears to be a pattern/stitches that were fun to work with!

Knit on...........