Top Down Knitting

I saw a book several months ago in Michael's about knitting and fitting top down garments. I , being short sighted and oh ya cheap, did not buy it. I have not seen it since then nor can I find a reference on line. The book was written by an older gentleman and it looked very interesting. I really get tired of the knitting books that are written by women for women. If you have seen this book please let me know the name of the author.

I didn't take very seriously the polls that have been on line about publishing our (MWK) own book. But as I think about it and get frustrated when I look at books that are 1% on technique and 99% patterns that I would never knit, a book by ordinary knitting guys might just work. What seems to happen in the blogs here is that there is a never ending stream of helpful hints, work-a-rounds and cool pattern suggestions. Being a pharmacist when referencing printed medical information I find that a hugh percentage of books are written by scores of contributing authors with an editor putting it all together.


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Hmmmmmm I can think of a couple of books on top down knitting but none by a man. The "bible" of top down knitting is "Knitting from the Top" by Barbra G. Walker. She is one of the best known authors on knitting techniques but finally exhausted her interest in knitting and moved on to greener pastures, a loss for knitters. In most top down books/patterns you will find raglan sleeves and yoke sweaters and that is about it. From this book you can do saddle shoulders, set in sleeves, drop shoulders, skirts (ok maybe not for your but for someone) and even pants.

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Partial answer:
I've used this pattern several times and varied it tremendously, and it always seems to come out perfect.

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Thanks for the info. I went to the web site and really liked the pattern. I liked the fact you can custom create it. I have an afghan to finish, I am on the last panel. Then I want to do a patterned sweater and then I will try this one. Thanks again.Jack

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I have to agree wholeheartedly with vsidart. The raglan pattern he referenced is tremendous. I have used it several times with excellent results.