Ok, I finally took a pic of the sweater....just have about 7 inches of sleeve left so if I actually work on it instead of constantly switching to other things, I should have it done tonight :)

Then all I have to do is seam it up and the middle of July is here (I remember predicting when i started it that it would be mid-July when I finished it) so it is ready to wear in the hottest month of the year! I'll post another pic with it on once I get it seamed up and the get the air turned down.

[img_assist|nid=6036|title=andoa almost|desc=Nearly Finished!|link=popup|align=left|width=200|height=150]


That grey-blue color is wonderful! Really helps show off the pattern well. Good job. Is it for you or your partner? I like the new picture as well.

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beautiful sweater! share with us where you got the pattern... I think I have some yarn that might look good in this pattern!




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It's for me...I thought my first sweater should be for me :) I'm selfish that way. I got the pattern on the Berrocco website. The sweater is one of their free patterns and of course, called Andoa.

LOL and thanks on the pic, weenie, I was playing around with the camera, looking at the new settings :)

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Beautiful sweater, I love the color. Looking forward to seeing it modeled.



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Beautiful. Sweater & man.

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Kudos to you! It looks great.