My Rainy Day Hat (to match the scarf) ...

... was finished yesterday. Yippee! And this afternoon, while I was at work (too busy to knit at work today, by the way!), UPS delivered a Brother KH-260 knitting machine with ribber! I didn't get too excited until I got it home (carrying all 75 pounds of it from the car) and started tearing open the packages. It was like Christmas in July. Paper, tape, packing foam all flying in every direction!


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Hey, I like that pattern. Looks simple enough for me to do. Could you send me the pattern for the hat and scarf? BTW..I love your screen name....very clever.

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Love the colors and pattern. Where did you get the pattern ? Let me know how you like the Brother machine. I am toying with the idea of getting a knitting machine and looking for input. Thanks. Jack

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Very nice!
I am also interested in the knitting machine...please keep us posted! Were you able to find it on Ebay?MichaelJames


The colors are fantastic - could you tell us what kind of yarn it is and the color? thanks,

I am proud of you for getting the machine! Have fun. Do you have the pattern for the hat. I got the scarf pattern the other day but I need the hat as well so I can look cool in Alabama (in the winter time).

Banjo Lee Jones