Stash management

Dear Abbie,

When I first started knitting, I had yarn for the projects I was working on and that's all. As is typical of us knit-folk, I began to accumulate yarn for other projects and yarn I simply liked a lot. Then on to yarn for projects that I thought I might do in the future. Yarn I "couldn't pass up" because it was discontinued. Yarn I bought at a discount store. Yarn I recycled from a sweater. Yarn I sold my hair for. Yarn I stole off a corpse. Etc. Etc. Etc. You get the point. I now have a full-blown stash.

It all used to fit in one storage tub. Then two tubs. Then two tubs plus some bags. Then it was crammed into any space on the shelves in my storage clostet. Well, I recently pulled it all out of the closet (insert joke here) and it's all over the living room. Some I will (gasp) get rid of. Most of it I want to keep. How do you guys organize all this @#$*ing yarn!!?!??

Please help, I can't sit on my couch until this is solved.

Yours truly,
Tangled in Atlanta

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I am afraid that I am pretty much in the same boat. Three large storage tubs are stacked in my closet (had to put SOMETHING in there!) surrounded by large plastic garbage bag after large plastic garbage bag full of yarn. It has gotten to the point that one day last week, I actually came across yarn that I had completely forgotten was even there... I do need to get better about photographing and entering data into Ravelry. My current thought is that I am going to reorganize our basement shelving units and place the tubs of yarn there. I'd much rather convert our attic storage room into a fiber studio with skylights... but that is but a dream! I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

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Shopping bags stuffed full and hung on doorknobs; my car trunk, the back seat - drawers at work; those little unused spaces in the linen closet.....yarn stashed in them all.

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I haven't tried it on skeins yet but recently on a whim picked up some of those vacuum storage bags to put away my winter sweaters, and was amazed how much it really compacted them! You take them out, and in just a few secs, they sorta plump back out to normal. I can't imagine that it wouldn't work on skeins of yarn just the same. And protects them from moths, etc.....

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You're a genius! What a great idea!


Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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I started with stuff in one bag, too...then I moved it into a closet :)

Then it grew and used a cedar dresser that I had. Now it has spilled over to another wheeled storage 3 drawer bin next to the dresser and a basket on top of that filled with yarn...

I either need therapy or a partner that knits :D

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It's the main reason I bought this knitting machine. I could NEVER knit up the amount of yarn that I have in these 6 to 8 (or is it 10 to 12) boxes piled to the ceiling in my living room. I do hope that the mechanization plus the hand-knitting that I still love to do, will compact the stash down into a manageable level. Now to find a closet big enough to put all these sweaters, scarves, socks, afghans, blankets, etc. into.

Hmmm...yer talkin to someone who spent $300 on 60% off yarn yesterday.

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good job! Don't ypou love it when "bargains" mean you end up spending two to three times what you planned?

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Keeping your yarn out of sight means it will get forgotten. And not used. Keep it within arm's reach, and within view at all times. You never know what they do when your back is turned!

I recently moved. THAT's when you really find out how much yarn you have! And I have got all of you beat by roomfuls! But I don't think I have a problem --

LOL so I am not alone after all LOL my stash currently resides in my apartment...the kitchen, greatroom and bedroom are all full of my stash...luckily for me I travel alot for work (yes, the car trunk is full and I have 7 huge knitting bags that go into the hotel with me)...when I'm home it's really tough to find room for my laptop and my ashtray...I like VSIDART's idea of using the vacuum storage bags, but for me the joy of getting home is being able to smell see feel relax in the fiber ... happy stash to you STUART; it's a great grand and wonderful thing STASH is; means there's instant gratification when you just HAVE to create something glorious in fiber and the stores are all closed

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I have my stash in a walk in closet in the guest room that I can no longer "walk in" to anymore, and the better part of an armoire in my room, and several bags beside the armoire, and..... you get the picture. And yet I sent away for yarn twice already this month, AND I work at a yarn shop one day a week, and brought a bag home with me last Sunday. Do I have a problem? I don't think so. I mean, God forbid, what if there was some sort of global yarn shortage or something. I'm set for life!

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remember - "yarn stash management" and "yarn stash mania" start the same way - and are between seventy and seventy-eight percent identical.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I guess I am behind in my stash... Most of mine is in one closet and one bag stuffed full. I could go shoping in all your stashes and never catch up with you guys. I try to only buy for th eproject that I am working on.
Barry-the Kilted Knitter