Yarn err... rope !

Well I spun my Angora as planned. Two singles using a handful of white, then gold, then chocolate, then smoke. Then I plied the two singles together. Hmm not too pleased with it to be honest. It's a bit lumpy bumpy and much thicker than I had imagined. This is my first attempt at pure Angora and it was tough. Not as forgiving as wool, less elastic and very slippy. The fibre was also a bit old, matted and a lot of hay seeds. My fibre management has to improve. Here is the finished yarn still on the bobbin. I will Niddy Noddy it tomorrow and wash it as a skein to set it a little. I dont think it will work with the QAS pattern, I want something finer for that project. I am going to knit it up in the faux lace pattern as time is running out and I need it done for the show in early September. I can knit that pattern in my sleep and I know it will look great :) I am sure this wont be enough though so will have to spin more up to complete it.


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The colours look great!

Don't worry about the lumps and bumps - "texture" - a lot of people actually like that in homespun. Please post a pic when you've finished knitting the garment.

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I too like the coloring! Looks like it will be wonderful to be knitting with.

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Hey and don't forget - you pay more for "thick/thin" yarn - it's VALUABLE!

My first attempt at spinning I thought was best used to make hammocks - I gave up spinning after that. Oh well...


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I take it back ! I washed it tonight and wow ! what a fabulous feel it has. So soft and silky and heavy too.... really impressed with it now it's off the bobbin. I spun up a another single tonight. Cant wait to get knitting with it :)
Will keep you posted .

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fab yarn!
and i get to look @ that pic of yours, again :D
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I love the yarn, and was going to say wash it and see how you feel about it, but I see you already done that. I wish I could spin ticker singles with more texture. I use to be able to, but practiced spinning fine singles every time that now it is a challenge for me to spin thicker singles. The yarn looks almost as yummy as you!...lol