... the back at least. Its now 100% correct and it looks OK. I've started on the front left side which has a knitted pocket. Never done one of those before so we'll see then on the way home...

... from work tonight I droped into a yarn store that holds a knitting group (at one time they advertised a men's knitting group). My aim was to sit for an hour and do some knitting, have a drink and just listen to the chat. I made a plan to buy some bits and pieces I need for another project if I didn't feel comfortable.

What an odd experience it was! Went in, entire shop full of women (not unexpected) all looking / sounding as if they were old friends and not a spare seat in a corner even for me to sit! So guess what... I bought some lovely silk/mohair yarn, a new circular needle and walked straight out again.

Bit disappointed. Should I have been more courageous and squeezed onto a sofa between two women??


YES!!!! Definitely you should have, I know it can be intimidating, but please next time do go over and start a conversation with the women and let them know you are there to join in...if they're anything like me they will be really glad to have another knitter around

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I have to agree with dianemdonie. When a big, butch guy like me walks into my local yarn shop, I get some looks, but when I pull out my current project, I get respect, advice, and most of all, camaraderie! Go for it, show 'em what you're capable of!

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Oh, yes, absolutely!! You should have just pushed yourself into the midst of them, pushed them aside to make room for you, pulled up a chair, a stool, or even sat on the floor in the middle of the room! No need to be shy. They will make room for you -- knitters are very welcoming, and friendly. Soon you'll be "one of the girls" and be gossiping just like the rest of them! Don't forget to ask for help with something... that is one way to get into the group very quickly.

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OK I'll give it another try in a week or so. Another off-putting thing though is that they all seemed to be knitting these super-complicated things. I was a bit shy about pulling out my 1940s sleeveless jumper thats just a basic knit/purl combo.

I only went along cos my boyfs out of town and I was on my own for a night and curious. I'm annoyed at myself!

I've got this new project on the go as well now with the finest mohair yarn -- so fragile -- and it looks a nightmare. I took it on as a bit of a challenge, in the old days when I used to knit a lot I was a rugged aran weight type guy LOL so maybe when I've started with his mohair and silk thing I can sit in!



Oh, good, I'm so glad you've decided to give them another opportunity to get to know you...I'm sure they will find you a delightful, knowledgeable, friendly sort and you will fit right in with them... 99.9% of them are, ya know....the other .01% are so focused on their project that they have absolutely no idea what's going on around them... LOL besides, we all do knit/purl combo stuff too...some of the most wonderful items I've seen have been here, in the company of knitters who happen to be male...sorry for rambling, I'm just really glad you decided to give it another go let us know how it works out...Diane

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I'd give that a 94.9 % are friendly, open, etc....

5 percent are so focused that you could march a prade by them and they wouldn't notice, but they join the 95 % when they aren't working on something.

the one tenth of 1 percent remmaining are the ones who make you cringe. And those, unfortunately, are the ones you remember.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation