Coolness, in a pamphlet

Ever stumble across a great sale on yarn but wonder how much you'll need to knit up a sweater or a sock? Wonder no more!

I found this at my LYS the other day, and thought I'd let you guys know about it. It's by Ann Budd, the managing editor of Interweave Press, and simply gives yarn yardage requirements for mittens, gloves, scarves, socks, hats, tams, vests, and sweaters at multiple sizes and gauges. It's really useful.

I came across it when I was looking at yarn to knit the scarf for the Scarf Exchange. I wondered aloud just how many skeins I'd need, and the owner of the store dropped this into my hands! I have been knitting fairly regularly for years now, and you'd think (maybe) that by now I'd have some of this info memorized, but about the only memorized number I have in my head is that two pounds of wool roving will make enough yarn for a sweater for me...and that's it. Not all that useful when you're in a knitting store with a summer sale going on!



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Oh! Thats really handy. Unlikely to be available in the UK though. Do you think it could be made available online somehow?


It's available at Bev's online store...$4.87 USD

I don't see why it can't be ordered here and shipped to the UK...if you have a problem getting it, let me know and I'll get one and send it to you

Oh, It's also available directly from Interweave:

cost from them is $5.95 USD

happy knitting ... Diane

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Thank you for sharing the information about this wonderful tool for knitters. Today offered an opportunity to visit a couple of my favourite LYS's. One had the paphlet on display at the counter - thank goodness too, as I'd forgotten my list of items needed for upcoming projects - and I recalled your post on it and picked one up, it was on that forgotten list too. This certainly will come in handy with so many of the future projects.