I had been so proud of myself, working on my first EZ seamless sweater (for me) and understanding it all. I had a devil of a time at first getting the gauge. Using Cascade 220 and 7s, I consistently got 4.5 spi, yet it was too big for my required measurements. So after about a week and a half of knitting 8-10 inches of sweater, I finally got it right, and knitted for three weeks and got all the way to binding off the neck. It looked wonderful and I couldn't believe how fast it goes when you're just knitting (I tend to slow down purling). So then I pull the perfectly-knitted-thing over my head and.........
IT DON'T FIT! Very tight under the arms, the yoke seems a bit "short" and the neckline was funky. (I did the saddle-shoulder version). It was a fun project and I learned a lot, but end of story, it is now 8 balls of yarn again. Maybe I need to watch the video a few more times to become re-inspired. Just thought I'd share with you all.
Have good weekends,


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We have all been there, believe me. Can you rip it back to the underarms and make the yoke deeper. Perhaps try the raglan version this time as it is so much easier and you can knit plain for a couple of inches before starting the decreases. Hope you have learned a lot.

there is almost no feeling worse in the world than that moment you take it out for its first test drive...and it don't fit!!!
Congratulations on completing your sweater though...you can certainly celebrate that!

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Search around on the internets...someone, cannot recall right now, has updated the percentages for a more "modern" fit. EZ's percentages have very little wearing ease which makes for a snug fitting sweater that is only in style with the very hip, very young, very skinny crowd. Most of the rest of today's society are a little fuller/fluffier and like our clothes to fit with more ease.