Norah Gaughan Inspired Hexagon Cable Afghan Completed This Morning!

It is finished... Already going through project withdrawal. Pleased with it though. I really enjoyed the method of picking up stitches on existing hexagons and watching it grow. I'll definately use this method again. Going back to Patara in about a week for another 10 days of weaving and knitting and the beach of course. Before I leave, I'll work on that unusual Weave-It sweater I posted earlier. It requires about 120 squares and already have 30 done.


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Beautiful, the color is gorgeous! What are the dimensions?



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Thanks! The color in the pic is very close. The dimensions are 65"x40", a good size for a lap blanket.

This is terrific. It looks extremely complex and it is beautifully knitted.

It is just outstanding and beautiful!

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Wow! It is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. John

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This is so beautiful and so different from anything I've seen. Congratulations, you've done great work!