Round Loom Knitting

Just curious if there is anyone else that has done or who is doing round loom knitting?  I'm working on a 3 panel blanket and have been enjoying it.  I want to work on a sweater but don't understand regular patterns, let alone the patterns for the round loom.  I found a website that shows a lot of styles of knitting that you can do with the loom, such as cable, stocking, etc.  The greatest thing about round loom knitting is you get very fast results in a short period of time.  Great for beginners that may want to move on to needles and hooks!


I've not tried this yet not do I own a round loom. I'm still enjoying using regular needles straight or circular. Although the speed does sound tempting, but for now I'm happy with my snail pace! 

Knit away, knit away

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My cousin and I turned out a big load of newborn hats last year for the Katrina babies. I've done a couple of tube scarves on it too...never quite got the hang of flat knitting on the round looms. I did however buy the rectangular narrow loom and made some cool flat panels on that...

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I bought a set of the looms.  I made a couple of the hats and liked them. I started a tube sock and didnt like the way the stitches looked. I ordered the book from patternworks and started a flat scarf and I didnt like the way the stitches looked again.  They seemed twisted.  I tried a double wrap on a hat and liked it better.  After all of that, I just gave all the loops and book away and went back to hand knitting again... didnt like it.