A new scarf project

I really enjoy knitting with this yarn. The greatest feature is that is has varied thickness and is much what I would imagine "home spun" yarn to be like. I am taking my first spinning class this Saturday. I guess I'm really hooked now! Partner had better budget an extra $500 by winter for a wheel. But then again I ALWAYS manage to get what I want!


I really like colors. What is the type and colors? Where did you purchase it from. It looks great.

Banjo Lee Jones

HoosierDaddy's picture

Is that the Irish Hiking Scarf? It looks amazing! The colorway is fantastic and I know that the yarn must be a wet dream to work with!

MWK - Houston's picture

I love the Irish Hiking Scarf - I've made a bunch for Christmas presents. Is the Noro yarn self striping or are you changing colors for the stripes - the colorway is beautiful.