The Bigfoot Shawl

July 13th was my mother-in-law's birthday so Andy and his sister went up to Michigan to spend the Independence Day weekend with her and to deliver her gift...

This is the "Bigfoot Shawl" from Wrapped in Comfort: Knitted Lace Shawls by Alison Jeppson Hyde. I used a superwash merino in DK weight and knitted this up on size US 7 Addi Turbo Lace needles.

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Another great shawl! I'm going to have to look this one up as, it seems, it looks perfect for petite ladies.

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What a darling woman, though she almost looks a bit like she's being weighed down by the shawl.

Another fine piece of work, though. And again, the colors with the Blackberry MillRidgeWhatever yarns are phenomenal.

"The only sin is mediocrity." --Martha Graham

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The DK weight weight yarn makes this her "Summer Shawl" as it is rather light and airy.

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I have the Wrapped in Comfort book, but I haven't made anything from it yet, because I don't care for the way her necklines look. I wanted a neckline that looks more finished than the ones in her photos (where she says to leave about an inch between cast on stitches, and cast on with the yarn doubled). Does it come out better 'live' than it looks in her photos, and I should just try it, or did you use some alternate method? Yours looks great!


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I agree that it does sound "odd" to double the yarn and leave an inch between the stitches but I gotta say that it comes out great. It is a comfortable neckline for the wearer and it certainly makes the start up of the pattern work with ease. If you think up an alternative, I'd love to hear about it, though! Always open to better.