Yarn Recommendations?

As I near the end of my gecko couple (those things are a super-quick knit!), I'm beginning to turn my eye toward winter projects. I must go back to the Argyle scarf I was knitting for my partner, but I am really planning on knitting up the Dog Tooth Throw from "Knitting With Balls." I hope to have it finished in time for the cold weather season. What I'd really like to know is if any of you have yarn suggestions for this. I don't care about price so much for this project because it's going to be something super special for myself. I want it to be soft and warm without having any risk of being scratchy at all. Having said that, I'd also prefer a sturdy yarn that can withstand lots of use. The pattern calls for worsted, and I'm planning on not deviating much from that. Much thinner and you get into the "I've been knitting this for two years" world, and if it's too chunky, well...it's too chunky.

I appreciate any suggestions any input you all have.