Leaving this evening for another 10 days at Patara with yarn, needles but only a vague idea of my design...

Suddenly I'm leaving. The purple hexagon afghan is done and I don't really have my next knitting project planned. Still hooked on hexagons, so will use the same procedure, but not sure of the design. I've found several possibilities on the net, two of them by Norah Gaughan... So will play around with those until I have something I like.
Just bought the yarn, sort of a moss/lime green. I'd wanted something grayer, but as I've posted earlier, my choices of wool in Turkey, oddly enough, are very limited. Most yarn shops I've found in Istanbul are small and have no 100% wool yarn. The shop I've found with the most selection has two floors stuffed with yarn, but only 4 types of wool and the colors available are limited. Going back to Nebraska in the fall and will have a huge selection to choose from right in our own garage! In a previous life, Bill and I had an oriental carpet and had accumulated a sizeable collection of wool yarn we used for repairs. Needless to say, I'll be coming back with suitcases full of yarn.
Also taking my small Weave-It loom and yarn to make a felted rug. Haven't tried felting the squares, but have seen articles about it and it looks like it should work great. I'll post pics when I return.