Good Morning

Hi Guys,
My name is Wally and I to knit and other crafts as well I find it very relaxing and forget about the day you had at work .


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Amen! to that. Welcome to MWK.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

i agree. i find that the time i spend knitting in the evening is directly proprotional to the stress level at work.

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I agree completely! Welcome to the group, hope to hear more from you.



Hi Randy,
Hope your having a nice day . So what are you working on now . I 'm making a baby sweater and hat . I hope to hear from you back

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Hi Wally,

I'm working on a pair of socks for myself, a lace shawl for my mom and a lace scarf for I don't know yet. These are my first lace projects and I'm enjoying them very much.



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Wally - Welcome to MWK.

Thank you for your nice comment . Have a nice day . So what are you working right now . I'm making a baby sweater and hat .

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Welcome to MWK.

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Hi Wally!

Welcome to the group. It's a great group with incredible ideas on what to do with colors, string, and sticks.

What is it with baby things lately? I've started working on two baby sweaters (grand-nephew in December, and an as-yet-undetermined co-workers offspring also in December). A third is in my brain!


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A great big welcome to MWK.

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Hello Wally,

Welcome to MWK.