Babies Are Arriving ...

... so sweaters must be made for them to wear! Here is a pattern (machine knit) that I found at It's taken me three days to knit this on the machine. The simplest stitch on two needles, the trusty garter stitch, is possibly the most labor intensive on a knitting machine, requiring the reformation of every single stitch on every other row!

But I think the end result has been worth it, and my little grand-nephew (due in December) should be warm and cozy in this cute little number. Of course, I'll remove the knitting needles and row counter (using Kitchener stitch) before giving it to my niece!


What a cute little jacket, and such a clear shade of blue. Your niece will love it.

Fabulous jacket! Great color...lucky little guy.

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Beautiful sweater, we'll have to start calling you Knit-o-matic, two sweaters in a week.