two projects on hold. starting niebling

so one project (stor rund dug) is on hold waiting for more yarn to arrive.
the brioche sweater -- i'm on the sleeves right now. saving that for when i've had too many glasses... glasses? who am i kidding... *bottles* of wine to knit anything else.
starting niebling's frosted fern in a black lace-weight cashmere/silk blend. have to keep holding it up to the white ceiling to count stitches and see why the count is off even though i'm doublechecking every row. i keep telling myself i'm not a bad person for breaking the pattern and putting in yarn overs whever i find a missing stitch. its not like anybody has good enough eyes to catch a missing stitch in black lace.


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I look forward to seeing the Niebling. Working with black is a bugger.

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I'm doing a black scarf right now... If I can't do it by braille, I can't do it.
Go simple! If someone's gonna check your pattern, they don't deserve it.

i'm too OCD about it all.... i unravelled it and started over...


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Glad I am not the only one that has trouble with black. I made a pair of black socks and decided to never do it again. Good luck, and you are right only you will know about the Y/O.

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I've never worked with black, except for a coaster, but always admire the finished projects, they look so elegant. Can't wait to see your Niebling.



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I'm on the second-to-last row of my Niebling Frosted Ferns right now. I have one more knit row to do before I begin to crochet it off. I know the feeling about the missing stitches. I usually wind up with one too many.

Four bits of advice:

1) Try to 'read' your knitting and compare it against the pattern. Instead of just adding/subtracting a stitch indiscriminately, if you can find where the stitch is missing or added, you can deal with it at the correct point in the pattern repeat, thereby not screwing up the design.

2) If you're a stitch short, use a knit thru the front-and-back loop approach rather than a YO. A YO will leave a noticeable hole.

3) If you have a stitch too many, try to do your correction decrease as part of an existing decrease. So, for example, if I 'read' my knitting and find I have one stitch too many, I might change a slip-knit-psso to a slip-slip-knit pass BOTH stitches over.

4) Keep a white and a dark hand towel nearby for your lap. I knit mostly with white thread, so have a dark blue towel for my lap to provide contrast. In your case, I'd get a white towel to use. Beats looking at the ceiling all the time (grin!!)

Good luck

yea, i've been holding the knitting up to the monitor. the backlighting helps a lot with the black lace.

so are you in the yahoo niebling group? they have free charts posted for the frosted fern pattern that i just found this morning. was going from the instructions. the chart is much easier to read.

but the chart has two options for the border. pics are posted in the group. the alternate border is pretty fancy....

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Yes, I've been in that group for a while now.

There is actually a THIRD FF border option, and is the one I'm using. It's in the FF files section and is entitled Judy's border. It's a cross between the two options provided on the chart. However, her biggest variation (which she explained to me via email) was to add an extra two rows of hex mesh after the end of the charted rows (row 112, I think). This provides a greater separation between the final leaf motifs and the start of the border pattern.

There's a picture of her border in one of her albums. Let me know if you can't find it.


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I understand the OCD stuff way to well. Never thought I had a problem with OCD until I started knitting. It seems to be the only place it shows up for me...and it shows up much more than my knitting errors usually do I'm told.

Today I'm lucky - I have the easy math question to post with "1 + 1 =" I think I've got the correct answer. (You see not only am I not good at counting - therefore the knitting errors, I'm not good at adding either!)