The Wedding Shawl

Here is MMario's Faux Spanish Lace Shawl that I knitted up for my cousin Mimi for her wedding. We flew into Denver on Wednesday and drove down 285 on the west side of the mountains. Awesome scenery. Mimi got married at 9500 feet above sea level at Rock Creek Campground up in the mountains. I cannot even begin to express in words the awesome power of the land and the sky and love.

Mimi is also wearing a "Knecklace" with leftover yarn from the shawl project. I got the pattern for the "knecklace" off of and it is a whopping 10 rows! She loved them.

The bride looked stunning and kept her shawl on all day long. She loves it! I couldn't be happier.

Again, MMario, thank you so much for sharing this pattern with all of us.

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You did a beautiful job and it looks perfect with the dress. Love the knecklace too!

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What an awesome combination! The bride looks gorgeous! I'm sure she'll always think of how you made her special day even more special.

Congratulations to all.



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Totally awesome combination. Beautiful smile on the bride - she is radiating joy.
Kudos to you for the great work.


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What a lovely keepsake of her wedding day.

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The shawl is lovely and so is the bride. How lucky you were to able to share your talents with her.

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What better reward could a designer ask for then the smile on the bride? You did a beautiful job - and I am thrilled that both you and your cousin are pleased with the shawl.

Thanks for the photo!


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