Noro Update #47,659

Enough people have asked me about the colors etc, so here's what I've got....
The "original" colors that I used are no longer available (and once again thank to my new hero Randy for finding them for me!). Looking at what came out of the skeins as I was making mine, and what's available currently, I would recommend:
2 skeins of Noro silk garden (cool colors):
#268 or 270 (or maybe one of each!)
and pick two of the following (warm colors):
211, 258, or 244
The link to the original instructions is:
It's a brain dead easy project, but I must warn you, addictive. You wanna keep knitting to see what color combo is gonna come next.
And, BTW, with the silk content, felting joins in the yarn is doable, but takes some work.
Hope this helps!

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Noro, especially Silk Garden, is one of my favorite yarn selections. A nice thing about the colors is that the the colorways can be mixed and matched. My LYS owner recently finished a beautiful entrelac scarf using four different colorways of Noro Silk Garden . . a great example of how the colors by Noro can be used.