I finished the Gecko couple. The orange one is Cooder, and the brown one is Gregory. You can't see it in the picutre, but Gregory has flecks of color all throughout (courtesy of the speckled yarn) as well as a faint orange swirl going down his back and tail (courtesy of my weaving in some of the leftover orange yarn). All in all, I'm moderately pleased. Cooder did not felt enough, and Gregory felted too much. The orange swirls didn't show up as much as I'd hoped, either. Nevertheless, they're still cute. Cooder was knit-to-specs, but Gregory was altered from the pattern specs. I made his feet narrow in just before the toes and only knit four toes per foot (instead of the called-for five). I also added some rows here and there (especially in the tail) in an attempt to lengthen him out somewhat. He started out about 30% larger than Cooder and after 5-10 minutes of felting (compared to Cooder's FORTY), he's now smaller than Cooder. LOL I do enjoy the softness that Cooder still retained throughout the felting, but wish he would've felted just a tad firmer. Another interesting tidbit re: felting ability of these yarns. The orange yarn Cooder was knit with was 100% wool whereas Gregory's quick-and-firm-to-felt yarn was a wool/viscose blend. Sometimes I do not understand how yarn works...


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They are adorable.... where did you get the pattern ? Nice work.

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All the stuffed animal patterns I've used have been from Fiber Trends. or you can go here for just the stuffed animal/toy patterns:

Thank you!!! :-D

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