Knitting for Charity

I finished another scarf while at work today. The bottom half was done with Caron Dazzleaire Sunshine Ombre. When I realized that this skein would only knit about 3 feet, I found a skein of Venture Soft Spun Wintuk Baby Rainbow.

The colorways are practically identical, but the gauges are different. The Wintuk end of the scarf is about an inch narrower than the Dazzleaire end. Instead of re-working it, I decided to make it a design element. That way I can decrease my stash count by 2 skeins. (By the way, this yarn has been around for a very long time. The pattern book offer on the Dazzleaire wrapper expires December 1991!)


That is a very nice pattern. I love the colors too.

Banjo Lee Jones

I like the color of your scarf , I had friend who use to love the dazzarie yarn very much I have a afgan she made me . I wish they still made this yarn it so nice and soft .

MWK - Houston's picture

Can you share the pattern - it looks great.