30th Class Reunion

Me and some of my classmates (their familes as well) from childhood had a great time in our 30th Class Reunion in Fort Lauderdale, we had a small class about 60 most of us were together since kindergarden in Puerto Rico! This is the uniform for the picture, but we had a different unifor for school lol! All together there were about 15 of us that made it.


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You all still seem to be adhering to the school dress code.....
I just skipped goiing to my 36th reunion. I might go to the fortieth.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

I'd advise against going to the 50th - it's really scary!

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I had my 30th a few weeks ago. It was awful. Out of the class of about 160, 9 people showed up. Only me and one other person came from out of town. I was a little depressed before thinking man, I've gained weight etc.. but after seeing the others that were there, I felt pretty darn good about myself! :-)

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog We were very close as we grew up, nothing scary, we all change. It was very nice.

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I've got my 20th coming up this weekend. I'm going with a friend that I graduated with. Should be a good time!

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I went to my 50th.... the first one I ever went to. I had a blast. People were no longer trying to impress each other, we were just glad to be there. I even took my partner. I decided that for once I would be honest about who I was and come out. In my school days I hid the fact I was gay. Yeah everyone looked older but everyone was nicer than I remembered them in schoool.