I feel the earth move, under my my feet, I feel the sky come tumblin' down...

Hey from earthquake country-
As fate worked it, I was in the desert, 100 miles from the epicenter, and we didn't feel it, but all is good here in in southern california. Had (a) broken glass, and the cats were freaked. But got some great buys at the outlet center we were at (Calvin Klein underwear outlet? OMG!) and all is good. Thank you for the sweet emails.


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Glad all is OK. My partner grew up in Hollywood and then lived in LA for years. He says the one thing he does not miss is the earthquake rumbles. Have a great day. Jack

Upon hearing about the quake on CNN, I immediately thought about you guys in southern California. I remembered being on a business trip in LA years ago and was LUCKY enough to feel a 3.5 which gave me IBS for the three days I was there! Glad that it did so little damage. I would have freaked.

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very glad you are ok...hope that the aftershocks are all small and no more damage is sustained. Take care of yourself.

sure, i miss a good texas thunderstorm with tornadoes, but feeling the ground sliding back and forth under your feet and seeing test tubes (plastic) falling off the shelves is pretty damn cool too!

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So glad you're OK. So are you going to post pictures of you modeling your CK's?



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Oh baby, when I see your face, mellow as the month of May - I'm glad to see that you are whole and healthy! Be careful out there. Ground moving is such an odd thing.

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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totally glad you're ok! (srsly)
that way there we get to see you model those CKs :D

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felt it - scary for a few seconds - I work in Beverly Hills... glad that it didn't last longer, but sadly someday it WILL be "the big one!" - I have emergency stuff (food, water) under my desk... and at home we have emergency kits... it's not a bad idea for everyone to assemble them... usually we update them on 9/11 in rememberance of the attacks on NY...

but luckily it was a quickie this time...