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This might be a bit off mark but I am depending on y'all in intelligent urban areas for advice. I live in Florida so you would think I would be comfortable with being 62 right ? THink again. Through my knitting I am learning to anxiously adapt to a entirely new life. I no longer feel comfortable or widely accepted in the only social environment that has been comfortable for me as a gay man. For those of you in large cities, are there real benefits to be derived from support groups for older gay men? I have left out Bi (who have no support group), lesbians (who just become older comfy women) and trannies ( they already have support groups). I seem to being hanging by a thread here and I am not comfortable. I will sincerely ponder all the fabulous advice I know all of you will share. Thank You


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I wish I had something to say, other than I hope you feel comfortable soon.


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garyhrx, I would recommend SAGE for resources to help you think about finding a more supportive environment. Here's their website:

Also, here is an article from the LA Times about GLBT retirement communities. Having a supportive environment as we age is crucial to quality of life, happiness, and well-being. I think you are very smart to start thinking about this now and looking for a supportive community to retire in too.

Good luck and I wish you well!

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

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Thank you. I'd not known of SAGE. It'll be interesting to explore their site.

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there is another social networking that may be of interest, it is Prime Timers World Wide which has local chapters. I've not reviewed all that is involved in the organization yet, but, is one that I had considered.

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Tampa / St. Petersburb have the greatest LGBT Community, the thing is how Gay are you, no just kidding. Even in San Francisco that we have a big community at all levels, you still need something . YOu can start by creating a group of what you have in mind and have a free add in the local paper. Being Gay is something we are, but not the totality of you. If you are comfortable with yourself you will have no problem mixing with the population.

Personally even though I am not at your age bracket, I meet people in different venues, the gym, the LYS, Church , LGBT Center, neighbors. I am a very shy person belive it or not, but I know my shyness and I overcome that by being friendly and outgoing. If you want to meet people, you need people of different ages with common values, common goals or common interests. Maybe a book Club, cooking club, dancing classes, a church if you are part of a religious group. I see no need to be alone and just hanging out with people of the same age group, maybe you have something you can teach so give a class.

In my experience from living in Florida, 75 % of Seniors don't do much , but shopping and spend a lot of time in the mall sitting down, because it is to hot. Within reason don't allow your age, gender, sexual orientation limit your life. I am prematurely Retired , but I will tell you that I wish I had enough time to meet with people and do more stuff. I am always busy, there is something for me to do everyday if I choose to. I hope this encourages you to form a group of some kind. Maybe you can Call it the "Gators Knitting" You can teach, learn and have lots of fun. You can appeal to a younger crowd so you have a mix group of people interested in Knitting. Hope this helps. for a shy guy I do talk a lot don't I? lol! Go for the Gold and have Fun!