I love the stuff. Want to make it on my own.

Anyone know where to get my very own Kombucha Colony?

Online is fine, but IL is my region!

Any tips on making would be appreciated as well!


you can just start a culture from a bottle of kombucha. doesn't necessarily have to be any special strain, as far as i know. you should be able to find a bottle with active cultures at a health food store.

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I just googled it and found a few places to order it. I originally ordered one and started making my own, now I have three floating in there. I am west coast, not sure about mailing a culture, I worry about being able to seal it up good enough...
like buddyboy76 said, local health food store, maybe ask if anyone there is brewing, might be able to get a culture that way?
I can't remember the site I got the culture from, it was about $30 for the culture and a jar and some tea and sugar. it came with black tea, I found green to be a lot better though. good luck and happy culture hunting!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog The problem with a culture of Kombucha is that how can you be sure that nothing else is growing along the Kombucha? Just keep that in mind!

good point.
which brings up the issue of contamination and basic food safety:

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