Ice Princess Hat

Made this for a friend to fight the chicago winter. Pattern is from one of the Stitch & Bitch books, but we changed the color scheme and took off the odd pointy bit. Worked it from bottom up instead of top down.

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Justin -   That's one great hat!  I really like the blue and white colours.  Are the ties I-cord?  If so, how did you alternate the colours?  I just learned I-cord and want to use it on other projects.  Cheers, Jesse 

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They are a 5 stitch I-cord. Once the contrast is tied on, the color not being used hangs out in the middle of the tube. The color change is like intarsia, but I found it easier to grab the next color and just spin the whole needle (anti-clockwise if i remember correctly) rather than try to remember to drop one and pick up the other underneath and over.

cheers, Justin

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Fantastic, I think I'd like to try one of these. If I start soon I might have a few ready for next winter! 

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