What is joining in the round?

Dear MWK aka the fount of all (knitting) knowledge...

I've finished my little 1940s sleeveless vest for my bf... it just needs to be blocked and made up. I'm quite pleased, he thinks its very 'cuddly and soft' and a pic will follow.

I've already started my next project, which is a step up, and uses silk and mohair in the round. I have this nifty little circular needle for it. I've cast on and the pattern says 'join in the round'. Now I'm assuming I just knit the next stich... or should I do something else?

Let me know guys 'cos I wanna keep going with the yarn... its incredibly fine and such a challenge to work with.


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when you are knitting something circular, like socks, a purse, etc.. you cast on, knit the stitches, then join the first stitch to the last so you are knitting in one big circle. When you knit in the round, all knit stitches come out stockinette.

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OK I'll just keep going... seems I've done the right thing. Its just that the first stitch seems to be a bit loose... maybe it'll tighten up after the first row.


you know what's sortof fun to do (frustrating to do if its on accident) is to twist the stitches before you join them so you end up with a mobius strip :-)
good luck trying to wear that though.....

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I bought a sock knitting book the other day, and the author gave several methods of joining in the round. Some of them help remedy that little bump or loose stitch. I'll try to remember to look at her suggestions and let you know what I find out.

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You're on the right road. Just pull that first or first couple of stitches tightly once you join in the round.

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It helps to tighten the first stitch if you knit the first couple of stitches using both (working yarn and the tail) ends

You have a lot of good advice already, but I will add my two cents anyway. When I come to the first stitch that needs to be "joined" I usually do one of two things to tighten the join. One way is to knit the last stitch of the first round and the first stitch of the second round together (K2tog) and then make one (M1) using the running stitch. This way you close the gap but end up with the same number of stitches...or I do a double wrap and turn (W&T). That is, before knitting the first stitch in the new round I slip it to the right hand needle, bring the yarn forward then slip it back to the left hand needle and return the yarn to the rear of the knitting. This makes a neat little wrap that ties the two stitches together before they are knit. Then I proceed. I have never had the extra wraps appear as a bump. These are just two ways I have found work well to close the little hole and tighten up the stitches at the join.

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Another sneaky approach is to cast on one extra stitch. slip the first stitch to be next to the last cast on stitch, pass the last stitch over the first, and tug. YOu now have the correct number of stitches and are joined; and you will commence the new round with the second stitch you cast on.(now the first)

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MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Wrap and turn sounds like a good option. I'm gonna do that the next time as I've gone past that point now and, although it is a bit looser than I would like its OK.

The effect with the combination of silk yarn and a separate mohair is amazing... its like knitting a cloud... I'll get a photo up for you guys when I've done a few more rows. Its taking a bit of time with 240 stitches per round!

Blocked the 1940s sleeveless vest last night and will sew up shoulders tonight. Then sew in the sleeve rib, the pocket band rib and the button band rib... its the most annoying bit. I don't like sewing things up I've decided :o!