Aviator Beanies - Double Moss Stitch

I decided to jump feet-first into the hat knitting-frenzy after being inspired by all the beautiful hats I've seen on MWK recently.  Aaron (AMBush) gets the prize for the most prolific hat knitter!  I've knitted very few hats but I thought I could use some immediate gratification after the jerseys.

These two hats are from the Patons Book 1213 and is the Aviator Beanie done with Inca wool in the double moss stitch.  It knits up very quickly and is very attractive.  The wool is beautiful and soft.  I'd never done this style of hat so it was a learning experience to make the 2 ear flaps and then join them before knitting the hat itself.  I enjoyed these projects.

I'm not certain what I intend to do with these but they may come in handy with winter approaching.  For those of you who have some knowledge of New Zealand, you'll know about the central heating of our houses - we don't have any!  For some reason, even today in expensive homes, the houses are built with no central heating; there may be a gas fire in the lounge and a wall heater in the bathroom but all the other rooms depend on portable space heaters (gas and electric) for heat.  All the rooms have doors which can be closed to conserve the heat; only the rooms being used are heated.  No one can accuse New Zealand of contributing to global warming!  We often wear a beanie (stocking cap) indoors in the winter and almost always a jersey.  (Did you know that the Queen tells anyone who complains that the palace is chilly to go and put on a jersey?)  I was thinking that these might come in handy on cold winter nights and if, by chance, we're invited to Buckingham palace.

Unfortunately, unlike Lars, I don't have any vintage head mannekins in the attic (or anywhere else) so I was forced to use our 11 year old  "talking [constantly] head" as a model.


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Aaronknits's picture

YAYYY!!!  What do I win?

Those hats look great!  That double moss stitch is really nice. I've taken a break from the hubby's jersey and started on one for myself, but I think I might just have to try a hat in that stitch when I'm ready to take a break from them.

Jordan's picture

Maybe you'll win some more hat yarn!  You wouldn't want to lose your title, would you? Smile

I love the double moss stitch too.  This is the first I've seen of it, and I'm a convert. 

Jack's picture

I love the look of the aviator beanie. If I had one, I could allow myself to feel like "Snoopy" or "The Red Baron". Wonderful fun!

Kilted Knitter's picture

This looks like it would be a very fun hat to knit. I like the moss stich pattern. Where did you get that pattern and how did you learn the moss stich.

potterdc's picture

If you DO get invited to Buckingham Palace, can I come too?  Please????

 Nice hats!

Think less, enjoy it more.

technocowboy's picture

Wow, the double moss stitch really hides the decreases nicely, too, doesn't it?  I love knitting the earflaps first and then knitting the rest of the hat around it.  It gives you continuity in the patterning, and makes it look more like one piece.  I judt made one like that, and I loved the way it turned out. :)  Great hat!