First post; first sweater

So far, I've read but not posted on MWK -- appreciating and learning so much. For the past several months, a couple of wonderful knitting teachers have guided me from swatches to scarfs to hats to felted hats/bags/mittens and, finally, to a sweater (well, a v-neck vest without sleeves -- kind of sweater-lite). The pattern is from Green Mountain Spinnery ( ) providing good experience with adjusting a pattern: careful attention to gauge and several try-ons resulted in a pretty good fit. As several of you have noted, we always see something we might have done differently -- and, in this case, I'd have narrowed the shoulders slightly and decreased the neck V over more rows.

Ready for the coming fall season here in Vermont with a new vest!


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For a first attempt, that vest is amazing, well done, and it's a great pic

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Great job, especially for a first sweater! The striping is very complementary to you. Keep up the good work!

Knit on..............Rex

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I love the stripes and it really is a great fit. Good job.

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I agree with the others. You did a fine job and the fit couldn't be better. Congrats.

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I think your sweater looks wonderful. The rate of increase for the V is a matter of personal taste and I like the way you have done it. It is the way I do it and I think it gives the sweater a jaunty flair. I also like the bands - a nice colour contrast without taking away from the pattern of the sweater. Congratulations. Did you find it more satisfying than a scarf and/or a felted bag?

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Turns out each project has been satisfying; by choosing each pattern or project with something new to learn, it keeps the learning curve steep enough to be satisfying. For example, when I finish the little hat I'm currently working on for a friend, I'll tackle a scarf that's patterned and with cables for another friend. And my partner, who doesn't wear wool sweaters, has his eye on the striped vest. Maybe another v-neck vest is in the cards!

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Welcome to MWK, your sweater looks great and a good colour combo.

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Beautiful vest! I love the stripes with the solid colored trim. You did a great job, much better than my first attempt at a sweater. Welcome to the group, so nice to have you aboard, looking forward to hearing more from you.



Your sweater is Great! As everyone else has pointed out the colors you have chosen are beautiful and well suited to you. I have never done a V neck so I am not sure about the options for creating the V but, agree that the way you have executed this one looks great on the sweater and on you. It is nice to have a new person in the group. Welcome to MWK.

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I think it's fabulous - the colours, the stripes and the shape all look great and blend well too!

You've done an amazing job for a first sweater. The fit is ideal. Nothing like a sweater vest on a bearded man :) !

Excellent work-keep going.

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Great job, especially with adjusting the pattern,