My first garment

I completed my first non hat scarf garment a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to share it with you. If you want to see a cool photo of the knitted flower on neck/shoulder you can check out my profile on Ravelry.

Next up is sewing up the shawl collar sweater from Knits for Him. After that (probably on a roadtrip this weekend) I am going to be casting on Cobblestone.

So for those who have knitted a Cobblestone I am looking for advice or words of wisdom.

I am knitting in SuperYak and the gauge swatch worked out perfect. However I haven't wetblocked the gauge swatch - is that necessary.

This sweater is the first thing other than a hat that I am knitting in the round. I have been using circular needles for flat knitting, but nothing in the round.

Thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

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that's cute i like it

I found that knitting all garter st. areas with a needle one size smaller does the trick, but not the panels up the side of the sweater. Also look to EZ for a percentage reduction of cuffs and band, it makes a huge difference.

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Beautifully done! That's amazing for someone who just started knitting in January. I made the cobblestone and am somewhat disappointed in it as the yoke is larger than the body making for a poor fit. I think my gauge must have been looser there.



when it comes to EZ I am a neophyte. I just - I mean within the last two weeks - purchased the Opinionated Knitter and I have barely cracked it so far.

Could you give me a little bit of a quick primer on the percentage reduction for cuffs and band?

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I think that we have all forgotten that a lot of garter stitch stretches and more as the years go on. If it was all garter stitch the sweater would stretch as a whole. With part of it only in garter stitch it turns into a disaster. Two sisters knit it and both of them and their spouses were very disappointed. It think it is a poor design and rather typical of the magazine it was in.