fun with grandpa

Hey, I thought I'd share with you some video I took available to view at Just type in a search for "grape782"-that's me. Mostly of my grandson(God, am I THAT old!). There's one there of me riding a coaster. Yeah, that's me also pulling little Marcus around on a blanket. If you want, please check out "my favorites" as well-pretty hot! Also, last night I finished my first pr of socks. I didn't realize I was using a womens sock pattern until I was over 1/2 done. ...oh well. I'm learning-that's for Acvtually, socks are kinda fun.


crmartin's picture

The coaster looks like fun and the baby is just adorable. It's great being a grandpa, you can spoil them and then let mom and dad deal with them when they get cranky. ;-)