Cabling without a Cable Needle!

I'm probably the last person to know about this trick, but just in case I'm not, learning this was a revelation and made cables just one more stitch instead of a chore for me. It is easy, quick and my cables made using this method look better than the ones I make with a cable needle - I think I stretch the stitches when I use a cable needle... Anyway, here is the link I happened upon that clearly shows how to do it:

Hope it is news to someone!


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yeah I ditched the cable-needle long ago. really no need for it, the other method is easier and faster....

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Thanks for the link! I haven't worked cables yet but have a project in my queue that calls for them. *stashes money meant for cable needle into yarn lust bank*

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well, this is new to me, so thanks for posting. makes total sense.

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I gave up the cable needles a long time ago. I much prefer to knit cables without them. No more losing the damn cable needle!

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