The goodies are ready to mail

I really had a wonderful time making this scarf for my spoilee. I learned a lot (this was the first attempt at doing cables) about myself and about the joy of sharing. Thank you Stuart for encouraging me to participate in this exchange. I will now go back and finish my sock and it's mate and then I want to make one of those skinny knit silk ties that are so over priced at Brooks Brothers.

PS I was just in JoAnn Fabrics and saw that Susan Bates now makes a circular needle with a cord as supple as Knit Pics and nickel plated needles like the Addi. The best part is that they are only $12.99.


vsidart's picture

I hate to say it, but I picked up the Susan Bates needles, and I hate them. I'll stick with Addis. But what a lucky recipient, gorgeous scarf!

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Gorgeous scarf, I'm sure your spoilee will love it.



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I'm with Vsidart on the Susan Bates needles, they are nickel plated but aluminum NOT brass and I'm sure they don't have a lifetime warrenty. I'll stick with my Turbos for life!

As for my scare, it's finished as of yesterday! Even managed to get pics taken and then promptly left the camera at home today so cant get the pics uploaded grrrrrrrrr. Will have pics up tomorrow of Monday. I used Misti Alpaca in worsted black and red. My spoilee requested red and black and a preference for cables so I did MMarios(?) Fibonacci striping and an all over broken cable in 1x1 rib so that it is identical on both sides, a little thicker than I was planning and maybe heavier than spoilee had in mind but it's so soft and yummy I hope i make up for it. I'm going to send a ball of each color yarn so he can do a hat or something with it.