My sock yarn

The sock yarn i bought today is called  Sockotta,  its from plymouth their italian collection.  its 45%cotton, 40% superwash wool and 15% nylon.  It looks like colored kite string not yarn.  Ive hear comments of socks knitting up quickly.  Right,  its going to take weeks to make a pair of socks.  I hope there is enough. I got 414 yards.  looks to be enough.  the swatch looks great, the colors are wonderful.  I hope the socks look as good.


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Buy more yarn

 I find patterns for socks much to short on top... so I always buy more yarn than is suggested... I like the socks tall enough to wear with work boots... (they're usually too bulky to wear with my cowboy boots... which fit very snugly...) Bill

A sock takes about 50 gms per sock so one ball of sock wool is fine for an average adult's foot on 2.5mm needles,  It does depend a little on the length of the leg as Bill suggests. I'd keep the leg no more than 20-23 cms from the top to the start of the heel-flap for your first pair.  420m/100gms is average for sock wool so you should be fine.

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I have used Sockotta and had no problem making myself a pair of socks from one ball of yarn, and I wear a men's size 12 shoe. So they were a good sized sock and I used almost all of the yarn. I might have had a yard or 2 left over once I had finished both.

I tend to prefer yarns which take 2 balls to make a sock. That way I know when I am near the end of the ball, time to do the toe decrease. It just makes that part easier.

I will eventually get around to posting some pics of my knitting so you can see my socks, scarves and sweaters that I have made.

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Ill post my socks when i get done.

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I think that's about the perfect length, too, Simon!  My first pair of socks were 6" (about 15cm) from the cuff to the start of the heel flap, mostly because I was afraid of running out of yarn.  I love the socks and wear them, but wish they were longer.

For the socks I'm working on now, I added a couple of inches (just over 20cm).  I still feel like they could be a bit longer, but I didn't have a lot of yarn left over.

For my next pair, I'm starting at the toes and going up, so I'll just put the cuff on when I'm almost out of yarn.  I'm sort of stuck on socks right now!  They're fun, I love to wear them, and it's a great project to tuck inside my coat for knitting on the bus.

My first pair was Trekking XXL, color 100.  So comfortable to wear, I immediately went out and bought 4 more balls of Trekking yarn.  I'm knitting with Lang Jawoll, now.  I love the way they look.  We'll see how they feel. 

Yep, one ball of Sockatta easily makes a pair of men's large socks. And two 50-gram balls of sock yarn usually do the same. What pattern are you using for your socks? That will sometimes make a difference.

If I run out on the second sock, I rip out the toe on the finished one and redo the toes in a different, heavier yarn. Looks as if I planned it that way. On toe-up patterns, the cuff gets done in a different yarn at a tighter gauge. All just ways to make it come out the way I want it.

Have fun,


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I do pretty much the same as Randal.  It usually takes 2- 50 gm balls of wool for each sock.  Since I knit both socks at the same time, if I get to the toe and find I'm going to run out of wool, I select another complimentary colour and knit the toes in it.  It looks planned and saves buying another skein of wool of which I will only use a very small amount. 


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