Scarf Exchange Item

Got my exchange scarf finished a couple of days ago so thought I'd share a couple of pics. It's knit in Misti Baby Alpaca and is buttery soft. I tried a lot of different things and liked this overall coble the best. The request was for a red and black scarf with cables...hope that it is all that my spoilee was hoping for. He lives in a warmer climate but it does get cold for a few days each winter so hope it is not too thick and warm. In any even it will feel nice and warm and snuggly. Because of the two color request I decided to use the Fabonacci "recipe" that MMario iirc posted a couple of months ago.
Edited to add: It was knit is 1x1 rib so that the cable pattern reads the same on both sides.


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That is beautiful, you did a fantastic job!



Very nice job! Inspires me to start cables....

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Cables, colour, reversible AND mathematics! HOw would anyone be able to resist?

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