Forest Canopy Shawl Delivered!

I started working on the Forest Canopy Shawl about a month ago and soon discovered that I couldn't talk and knit lace at the same time. Not wise just before all or the summer company arrived. After more frogging that I care to recall I finished it yesterday, blocked it, and delivered it to my friend Nandy this AM. She is now 93 and over the past six months has suffered serious short term memory loss. She has an amazing support system but sometimes fells incredibly isolated because she can't recall if anyone has even remembered that she exits. Tangible reminders of visits and of love have really helped her. So we have agreed that even if she can remember who it might be, that the shawl will be one more reminder that some loves her. I really was a great experience for me to have the time of knitting it as a occasion of holding her in my thoughts. (Less lovely were the verbal punctuations whilst frogging.) The bonus today was that she really loved the shawl.

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...and she looks VERY happy wearing it!

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Beautiful, both Nandy and your shawl. Well done.

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Beautiful shawl, beautiful model.............what a wonderful remembrance/memory shawl for both of you! What a geat gift and a memorable process to concentrate on while creating a very useful work of art!

Knit on..............Rex

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It is a beautiful shawl and will give you both great memories. Nice project.

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Beautiful! She looks so happy with it. You are such a good person.



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What a wonderful gift and what a wonderful friend. You did a lovely job.

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Lovely all around. The shawl, the thought, the love, the friend.

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I think Tom pretty well said it all.


MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Thanks so much for the beautiful comments guys. Sharing what it means for us to give a gift that we've made is precious stuff. Sharing what the relationship is about, even more so. That you have understood that so well and been so affirming is a gift to me. Thanks! - Phil

I agree with Tom too. He sums it up. You should be proud.

Wow !!
I agree with all of the above. You did a great job on the shawl . Nancy looks very proud to be wearing such a wonderful, thoughtfull gift.
All the best to you both.

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Absolutely stunning! I love the colorway. It's definately an heirloom piece... and her smile says it all. Lovely. You are to be commended!