Feeling lost...


I just flew back from a weekend in Dublin with friends. I took my new knit project for the quiet times and guess what... the airline lost my luggage (and the knit project) on the way home! I was really enjoying that silk and mohair combination :o(

They 'might' get it back to me in 48 hrs... everybody chant!


I'll light a candle too!

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You've a better shot at getting it back then poor Joe who left his Ichida in the seat pocket!!!!

Fingers crossed and the prayer wheels spinning.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Anybody know one??

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The baggage company...
... tried to deliver my 'lost and now found' luggage to my home this morning. They informed me of this delivery by sending a text to my cell phone.

Two issues with this:
1) Cellphone battery charger is in the damn suitcase and therefore cellphone not working. I told them this when I reported loss at the airport and I provided home and work numbers. So their text did not reach me until I gave up and bought a replacement charger.
2) Generally, in London, between 09.00 and 18.00 Monday to Friday the majority of poeple are WORKING and therefore NOT AT HOME. Duh!

I suppose I should be grateful they've located the bag and I guess the incense, chanting and candles worked -- so thank you to all you fabulous guys out there knitting and hoping.

I wonder if WJBDineen found a virgin to sacrifice... I would have been prepared to sacrifice my virginity for my knitting.

Speaking of which I wonder whether my knitting is still in my case (as I've not got it back yet) or whether some fascinated baggage handler as well as making away with my Prada suit has (literally) found a new hobby and has taken up my rather expensive mohair and silk yarns!!