In Marianne Kinzel's First Book of Modern Lace Knitting, I've seen a couple of patterns that interest me but I would knit them in laceweight wool, not cotton. The patterns call for x balls of Crochet Cotton No 60. My problem is that I can't find out the length of one of these balls to to get an appropriate number of metres/yards of wool. I've Googled, I've spoken to my LYS but can't find out the length. Does anyone out there know?


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I have bo idea if it is correct or not - but scribbled inside the cover of my kinzel is a note: I don't remember writing it, but it is in my scrawl.

Standard "ball" #60 = 325 yards.

I have no idea where I got that figure from -= but if I thought I needed to write it down - it must have been someplace I didn't expect to find again easily.

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I just knitted the 'Coronet' Design from that book twice, I don't know if this will help:

(1) Royale cotton Crochet thread #10 on US 1 needles, only took part of a 350 yard ball. This is a thicker thread than called for in the pattern, and I would guess that I could get a second one out of what remains on the ball, so it took about 175 yards give or take.

(2) Bergere de France Coton 50 on US 3 needles took just under one 153 yard skein. This yarn is about a sock, or fingering, weight cotton.

I can look at the pattern again tonight. The Coronet pattern has 46 knitted rounds and a crochet bind off round. Which patterns were you looking at doing? I can get a pattern stitch count for Coronet and whichever other one and then proportion them to arrive at a guesstimate - since Coronet took about 150-175 yards.

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Just did some quick research and found that FinCrochet (crochet cotton) Size 60 is 456 yds on 20 gr ball or 1140 yds on 50 grm ball. Hope this helps some.

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Thanks to everyone, it gives me some idea of how much yarn I will need.

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i'm doing 'springtime' and 'sunray' as shawls. using's baby alpaca 50/50 alpaca/merino in dusty rose red. pics somewhere on my blog... didn't know what the yardage was to convert, so i bought 4 skeins of the yarn. there are 600 yds per skein so i am sure i have enough!

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Thanks Chris. That yarn you are using is beautiful, I'm using it for a scarf based on Muir.

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I have no idea the yardage, but I have always used a light weight wool tapestry yarn for knitting lace. This is a two ply wool, about the size of very fine cotton crochet thread. Most hand weaving shops can direct you to the correct item.
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