WIP--Liesel scarf

A few months ago, when I was first picking up needles, discovering this site, and posting with complaints that I couldn't even cast on, much less knit anything, a few guys here had done this scarf. I remember looking at pictures thinking how incredible to be able to make something so beautiful, and not thinking I would ever be able to do that (as I couldn't even cast on, much less knit anything).

Here I am a few months later with a little bit of practice, and I decided to give the scarf which I was so awestruck by a go. And I'm pretty pleased so far with how it's turning out. Of course, it will need to be blocked, and that prospect makes me nervous. I mean, I have to take wool and soak it in water. If there's a way to screw that up, I certainly will. But it's been and will continue to be a learning experience, and I am having fun with it.

Unfortunately, the pictures are a little blurry (still working out my technology difficulties), but hopefully I'll get that straightened out with more practice as well.

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Congratulations!! I think it looks great and especially for a new knitter. Keep up the good work.

My gosh you should be so proud! It looks fantastic. And don't worry about the washing. For me, all I did was fill a sink with lukewarm water, gently placed the scarf in it and gently pressed it down into the water and let it soak. After 10 minutes maybe, let the water drain and press the water out (do not twist or ring). I have then put mine in the spin cycle of the washer (with no rinsing) and then blocked. Really, there is nothing to it.

Post the finished scarf for us to admire.

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I have started this scarf at least five times and botched each attempt before I finished the first motif. I'm so jealous! Beautiful work. Guess I'll have to attempt it once more (AT LEAST once more)

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You have made tremendous progress in a very short time, the scarf is beautiful.



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As a new knitter I can appreciate how you feel when you see it happening in your hands . That scarf is going on my list which is now a mile long after visiting this site :) Well done looks stunning.

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Great work. I can't believe you're a "newbie". Congrats on job well done.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and encouragement!

I'm still going to add another 12 to 18 inches to it before binding off and blocking, and I'll be sure to post pictures (hopefully less blurry) when I'm done.

Donski--I also have a fair isle sweater on my (ever increasing) list, and yours is certainly impressive and inspirational.

Tom H--I had a similar reaction to your Queen Anne's Lace, which is somewhere down the line for me. Have to figure out knitting in the round first, though. Maybe next I'll try something small in the round to get the hang of it.

Here I am, not finished with one thing and planning multiple others.... Ah, well.

Looks great. You should be very proud. Well done, cant wait to see it blocked.