Into the deep end !

Crikey , I dont do things by half. Finished the undulating scarf, was fun and taught me a lot. I was inspired by the fair isle patterned jumpers I have seen on here by our friend from downunder "kiwiknitter" so mooched around and discovered a really nice pattern for a man's jumper on the Rowan site.

Nairn by Marie Wallin (book 42)
Picture 2nd from top right.

I ordered the Rowan wool which cost a fortune £140 or $280 USD !!!! So then I had to learn how to knit fairisle.. Back to www.kintting and You Tube. The wool arrived, it's called BIG wool and boy it is BIG ! it's as thick as a pencil :) Of course I have not finished my Angora shawl yet , still spinning buckets of Angora, so I shouldn't have but.. well you know what it is like when you have a huge bag full of nice shiny new yarn !!!! I got going on it and WOW ! if you had said two months ago when I first picked up a pair of needles I would be making stuff like this in such a short time I wouldn't have believed you :)

Anyhow... I have no idea what to do with all the loose ends created with the colour changes or how I am going to make the neck ! eeek ! or how I am going to sew it up .. but it's a start :) I expect I will be screaming for help very soon !!!! Here's a taster:

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WOW! That is gorgeous, I absolutely love the color combination.



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Great start. Like some others here, I've not yet attempted color -- and will be eager to watch your progress and read colorwork tips along the way. Then maybe...... I'll dive in too. Keep up the good work! -John

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I genuflect in your direction. As I've said before, colour work scares the spit out of me. YOu look like your are off to a great start.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

Beautiful!!! I think you are a brave man to try all this so early in a knitting career! And I never would have thought of using chunky yarn for a sweater like this.

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Very impressive! I hope to incorporate more colors into my stuff, but well, kind of scared. Your success gives me courage. Thanks.

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You seem to have mastered Fair Isle knitting very quickly! Congratulations, you work is beautiful. Like you, I wandered (rather blindly) into color work very early as it seemed like the thing to do. I didn't know it was supposed to be difficult.

From the picture you posted, it looks like you're knitting back and forth. One trick I've used that may be helpful for your loose ends (particularly with the chunky weight yarn) at the row ends is to use these to sew up your sides. Then they're incorporated into your seams and your sewing threads match those used in that particular patern. It's a little tedious threading and re-threading a needle, but it makes the seem stiches disappear. You should be sure to leave them long enough to do so.

Another thing that makes Fair Isle knitting easier is to knit in the round as much as you can. Don't worry about the neck, it's simply a matter of knitting together (the chart should show you where).


Blimey Don, good for you. Seems you have mastered this thing called knitting. Ill be asking for some advice real soon. I've been trying to get into colourowrk for a while but everytime I try, within 10 minutes I've ripped it back (with my teeth) thrown it at the wall a few times and vowed never to knit again! You have definately given me the insentive to try try again. Looks fantastic by the way. good job.


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As always guys thanks for your comments. I really look up to you guys, I love the creativity here. I always thought I was creative, artistic possibly but I guess I have been getting on with the real world. Just starting off making things these last few weeks has made me feel like a kid again, weird but fun :) There is a hint of sadness that I have wasted years not being creative, hence I guess why I have run with this, I dont want to waste a day :) I'm going to need help soon with this one.. so be on alert ! thankfully we have all time zones covered teehee

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Wow! Beautiful work. I'm hoping to learn Fair Isle this Fall. I'll probably start with something simple like a tube scarf. I like the color combination you are using.

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I'm totally amazed that you've only been doing this for a short while. Really beautiful and I'm inspired.

I had a friend years ago, who was the first male knitter I had met. I told him I tried to learn and did an ugly scarf. He said the reason is that I didn't try something challenging enough. Makes sense to me. Fair Isle here I come... LOL...