Warm Up America!

Thanks guys - because of you the 1st of what is going to be 9 blankets for the homeless in Denver is completed! That's right - I've got enough blocks to make 9 good-sized afghans. Right now there's a team of us busily double crocheting around each block and joining them together - but I thought I'd post a couple of pics of the first one.

Do you see your blocks in the pic?? If not - it's because they will be used in one of the other 8.

Thanks again to a great group of guys for all your donations of time, yarn, and skill. Each block is unique and BEAUTIFUL!

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Congratulations on a very thoughtful and useful project. It must have been fun to receive all the blocks and arrange them into beautiful blankets!

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Wow...excellent job...It's amazing that you're going to be able to get so many blankets to donate.

Nice work guys.

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What a great and useful project.

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Wonderful job, guys!

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If any of you are involved with Habitat for Humanity groups, one of these "stained-glass" style blankets make a great housewarming gift from the sponsoring organization. One of my prayer shawl groups does one for each house that its church builds.